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Custom Software vs Packaged Software: Which Is Best?

custom software

Choosing the right software to optimise your business processes isn’t easy. From off-the-shelf solutions like WooCommerce to full-service custom software, there’s an abundance of choices out there – and don’t even get us started on wrangling the jargon.  API, ERP, UI, VCF, CPQ, CXM, NLP, SFA… Trying to make sense of it all might just […]

Should I Hire A Freelancer Or A Software Development Agency?

software development agency

Let us guess how you ended up here. You have a digital project that needs completing. Maybe it’s an app, maybe it’s a chatbot. Maybe it’s a brand new website to make your customers say, ‘Phwoar!’ There’s just one problem: you don’t have anyone in-house to do it. That’s okay, outsourcing is simple enough, right?  […]