The Advantages of Using Agile Methodology in Software Development

The Advantages of Using Agile Methodology in Software Development

Need software applications specifically tailored to your business? Agile Software Development will ensure you get the final product you need. With it, any changes to the needs of a client can be easily addressed & incorporated into development by a software development company. Australia-based IT firms, particularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, apply this methodology.

What is Agile Software Development?

The Advantages of Using Agile Methodology in Software Development

To define what it is, we first need to learn what exactly Agile means. As any software development company, Sydney-based or not would define, it means having the ability to create & respond to change.

In the context of software development, it serves as a method that commits to producing high-quality work continuously through incremental delivery and team collaboration & learning. It focuses on creating minimum viable products (MVPs) that undergo several iterations or versions. This means that for each project, the software being developed functions as needed without any unnecessary features at each stage. Then depending on the feedback of its intended users, it is further developed to incorporate more features by the software development company. Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane organisations, in particular, are currently using software applications developed using Agile Methodology and are very happy with the results.

The Methodology revolves around four core values.

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That said, the Agile Methodology provides the flexibility to adjust to the needs of the project as it progresses.

What Are Its Advantages?

Always having the user in mind

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Any software development company, Brisbane-based or otherwise, using Agile always has the user in mind. They ensure that the different roles in each workflow are defined & supported. The same goes for any customer need & behaviour.

Enables transparency & better client collaboration

The Advantages of Using Agile Methodology in Software Development

Unlike other methods, the Agile approach enables better client collaboration & transparency. A client participates in each stage of the process as there are planning, development and product demo involved. As a result, it allows for a true partnership between the software development firm & the client. However, one should note that the system seen at each stage is a work in progress so expectations should be managed.

Provides businesses an edge

The Advantages of Using Agile Methodology in Software Development

Given that Agile was created so changes in the requirements can be incorporated by a software development company, Australia-based businesses that utilise systems designed using the method get an edge over their competitors. How? With their deep involvement in the entire development process, they can relay their feedback quicker. Thus, the end product can cater to the latest & varying needs of all its users whether on the business’s side or customer’s. Moreover, it can also create features or functions which can become new offerings to customers.

Clearly, Agile Methodology offers many advantages. The abovementioned are only a few of them. So, if you need a system that can adapt to any change in your requirements and you wish to participate in each stage, Agile Software Development is the way to go. And on that, you must hire a software development company, Australia-based, like Human Pixel that specialises in it. Whatever your need is software-wise, our team can cater to it using our end-to-end & cost-effective Agile Software Development service. This includes a Lifetime Warranty to ensure we are with you even after your system goes live.

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The Advantages of Using Agile Methodology in Software Development

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