The Benefits of a Chatbot on Your Website

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Have you ever wondered why so many websites now have chatbots popping up while you browse? It looks like a handy tool for asking questions, but the benefits go a lot deeper. Businesses are constantly looking for more productive ways to connect with customers. Artificial intelligence opens up a whole new way of running your business. Let’s explore the benefits of having a chatbot on your website.

What does a chatbot do?

Firstly, it’s important to differentiate between a live chat function and a chatbot. Live chat functions help your sales staff answer customer enquiries quickly and easily. Its certainly a great way to communicate, and people love the option of chatting rather than using the phone. However, this still relies on a human typing away at the other end.

Chatbots, rather, use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help with customer enquiries. You start by providing the chatbot with answers based on common website queries. From there, you can build on its database of information, but it will also continue to learn. Based on interactions it has, the machine can become an effective tool for nurturing sales, providing information to customers, and removing mundane tasks from human hands.

All-hours customer service

One of the most appealing aspects of having a chatbot on your website is round-the-clock service. People are always searching for information about products and services, and that’s no longer restricted to business hours. Customers are always researching, and by having a chatbot available to serve them, you can be sure you’re always engaging with them.

It’s also great for post-sale service. If customers have enquiries, they want answers quickly. Allowing a chatbot to assist them ensures they have a better customer experience. Therefore, this results in happy customers who are likely to recommend your business to friends and family.

Nurture leads toward sales

This customer satisfaction and instant access can also be incredibly beneficial for sales. Particularly if you’re operating an online store, you know that your business hours are 24/7. Customers like doing their shopping after work, when they’re relaxed and have time. Because chatbots are available to answer questions immediately, a customer is less likely to keep shopping around.

A chatbot on your website has the ability to nurture these customers towards a sale. It might be by providing specific product questions, providing delivery information, or even subtly describing a product’s benefits in more detail.

Chatbots give your brand a voice

Chatbot are also great for building your brand. When you produce content for your website or social media, you want it to have a tone of voice. It’s almost like giving your brand a personality. This shines through in all of your posts and interactions with customers. With a chatbot, you can ensure your business personality carries across to customers, even when they’re dealing with a machine.

How to add a chatbot to your website

Human Pixel are your leading chatbot development consultants, and we’re ready to help. Adding a chatbot to your website opens up a wealth of possibilities, and also turns your website into a sales machine. We’d love to discuss your needs, so contact us at Human Pixel today. We can also help with custom CRM development and integration, so we can ensure you get the most out of your chatbot.

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The Benefits of a Chatbot on Your Website

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