The Biggest Trends in Custom Business Software

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As businesses grow, you need software that grows with you. Many companies find that off-the-shelf software solutions work fine now, but not after significant growth. That’s why so many people are turning to custom business software.

What is Custom Business Software?

In simple terms, custom business software is a program unique to your business. Consider a fictional business called A1 Builders. Keeping track of developments, materials, inventory, orders, finances and other daily tasks is complex. When A1 Builders started out, they could manage things with a few simple spreadsheets and assorted off-the-shelf software programs.

As the business grows, however, that’s no longer feasible. You find too much staff time is spent on basic, mundane functions. With custom business software, all of A1 Builders’ operations are managed on one system. It may still require the use of third-party software for jobs like accounting, but these can be integrated into a custom software solution. It’s all about business process improvement.

Here are some of the biggest trends in custom software development for 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or more specifically artificial intelligence and machine learning is helping to fuel many aspects of business in 2020. Not only is it a key part of chatbot development, but it also forms part of custom software.

AI helps machines take over mundane, repetitive tasks so that your staff can focus on more important things. It also improves accuracy and reduces the risk of human error.

Increased Security

Security is always a big-ticket item across all types of digital applications, so we might not call this one a ‘trend’. However, with increases in cyber-attacks and hackers becoming smarter, digital security always needs to stay one step ahead.

Great custom business software requires exceptional digital security measures. Data needs protection, and nothing has changed about that in 2020.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology was once thought to be only beneficial in the financial sector. Commonly associated with cryptocurrency, the actual technology behind it is now finding uses outside the crypto world.

Blockchain allows decentralized data storage, which increases security. It also can power contract management, for example the purchase, delivery and receipt of goods. Blockchain technology requires certain terms to be satisfied before actions are executed, so it now has a place in a number of industries.

Integration is the Key

When looking for business improvement, integration is everything. If you hire someone for CRM consulting and development, for example, you want them to understand your whole business. That means looking at third-party software that’s already available, and working out how it can integrate into your own custom software.

This may be through API integration, making it easy for programs to talk to each other. Certainly, integration sits behind all of the best custom software solutions in Australia.

Looking for Help with Custom Business Software?

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The Biggest Trends in Custom Business Software

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