The Importance of Integration in CRM Software Development

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Using a customer relationship management (CRM) system in your business has many benefits. It creates efficiency, improved customer service and even sales automation. Your sales team will definitely notice the difference, but is there even more you can do to streamline processes?

Whether you use Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot or any number of great CRMs out there, integration can improve things even further. When it comes to custom CRM software development, the opportunities are even greater. Here are just some of the reasons you should ask a specialist about integrating other software into your CRM.

Integration offers versatility

Integration is a very broad term in software development. Many websites have certain interfaces integrated into them to allow certain functions. For example, a payment gateway like Stripe integrated into a website.

In CRM software development however, the options are almost endless. You can integrate your CRM into other custom software systems, or you can integrate third-party programs into your CRM. This might include software that manages deliveries, such as Sendle. This means all of your sales, order, inventory and delivery data is all completed in one easy function.

Less staff training requirements

The whole idea of having a CRM and other custom software solutions is to streamline tasks and increase efficiency. However, if you need to keep training staff on new systems, productivity decreases dramatically. Integration removes some of this headache because you can keep the existing programs you use, and link them to your new custom software. As an example, if you already have a meeting booking system your staff know how to use, why train them in something new? Custom software can incorporate the old system into the new, making life easy for everyone.

CRM software development should help your entire business

When you invest in CRM software, the key focus is usually on sales, customer service and marketing. However, with the right kind of CRM software development experts, you’ll see benefits throughout the business.

As an example, a CRM can be customised to log the working hours of staff using the system. If your payroll system is integrated, you could remove the need for double handling of time sheets.

Maximise staff time more efficiently

Most importantly, integration in CRM software development should free up your staff members’ time to do more important thing. By minimising double handling of data, streamlining and automating mundane processes, staff suddenly have a lot more time.

That means sales staff can focus more on sales rather than admin. Other administrative can be more involved in business planning, strategy or marketing. Not only do you have happier, more fulfilled staff, but your business thrives as a whole.

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The Importance of Integration in CRM Software Development

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