The Key to Effective Online Visitor Engagement & Conversion

The Key to Effective Online Visitor Engagement and Conversion

Today, it can be said that online customers far outnumber those that do actual physical shopping. This is why most, if not all, businesses have an online presence. The virtual world is a very profitable place for companies that know how to take advantage of it particularly when it comes to engaging visitors and turning them into customers. 

But the thing is, capturing visitor attention can prove to be a challenge. Let alone, getting them to visit your website. So, how can an Organisation do exactly these?

The Key to Effective Online Visitor Engagement and Conversion


You need visitors to come to your website. And for this, you need search engine optimisation (SEO). In its most straightforward description, SEO is wording your digital content in such a way that directs traffic to your website. This means knowing what keywords your market is using to search online. Once you know these, you can then incorporate them into your content.

The Key to Effective Online Visitor Engagement and Conversion


Speaking of, great content is critical when you succeed to direct traffic to your website. Great content will make them stay and get them into that decision-making mode and make them decide into creating that purchase from just browsing through. Imagine yourself as a visitor. If the first page already entices you with its content, you’d want to check the other pages, right? So, make sure your website has a well-thought-out copy created for SEO. On that, visuals are very important too. Hence, your copy needs to be supported by photos and videos.

The Key to Effective Online Visitor Engagement and Conversion


The truth is, capturing the attention of visitors takes more than great and search-engine-optimised content. A recent study found that the average time a person spends checking a website is 8 seconds. So, to make sure you grab the attention of visitors and get the highest chance of converting them into customers during those precious 8 seconds, you need to be ready to assist them at the very moment they land on your website. 

How is this possible? Through Chatbot Development and Live Chat Integration. Through a chatbot, visitors get the answers to their questions 24/7. Then if they need further assistance, the bot can connect them to a live agent when possible or provide other means of communication.

This speaks volumes to visitors just looking around, making them stay longer on your website and allowing you, as the business owner, to take over the conversation and turn that visit into a sale. Then once they’ve been converted into customers, you can increase the chances of repeated purchases through Remarketing and engage them further using other marketing strategies.

With all these, the key to turning casual visitors into customers is a combination of great content and prompt assistance. And here at Human Pixel, we can help you with these. Whether it’s SEO, Chatbot Development, Live Chat Integration or any other Marketing needs, we’re your team. We’re always ready to assist. Just reach us to start a conversation!

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The Key to Effective Online Visitor Engagement & Conversion

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