The Value of CRM Consulting in Business Operations

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CRM consulting is transforming the way businesses operate on a daily basis. By improving efficiency and effectiveness, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have, in many ways, replaced the old idea of a customised operating system. Essentially, that’s because CRMs can do so much. From managing customer relationships to automating workflows, there are plenty of things to like about modern CRMs.

While companies can purchase a CRM off the shelf, most companies use CRM consultants to guide this process. With their specialised knowledge and skill sets, they can assess and identify key areas of performance that can be improved by using a CRM. Plus, they can customise any system to meet your unique business requirements.

Let’s find out why CRM consulting could be your business’s most valuable investment.

What is a CRM?

In extremely simple terms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems manage your business’s interactions with existing and potential customers. As the backbone of your customer-related operations, it helps to streamline processes and improve overall productivity.

By capturing and organising customer data, your CRM provides valuable insights that inform critical business decisions. But it’s not just about storing and accessing customer information. CRMs also automate work processes and implement sound marketing strategies to attract more customers.

Due to their versatility, CRMs are a comprehensive resource that can improve all facets of your daily operations. But of course, you’ll need a CRM consultant to get the most value from your system.

What does a CRM consultant do?

A CRM consultant has a deep understanding of CRM software and its potential uses for your business. The role of a CRM consultant isn’t just about choosing software and installing it, though. Their role encompasses several tasks, such as assisting in CRM selection, guiding system implementation, suggesting customisation to fit your specific needs, and providing ongoing support.

Perhaps their most important role is identifying and understanding your business’s unique requirements. Through process discovery workshops, a CRM consultant learns the ins and outs of your business, searching for the processes most suitable for automation by your CRM.

So, you should always ensure your CRM consultant has skills in business consulting as this enhances the service they provide. If your CRM consultant only knows about software, you’re not getting the entire service.

The importance of process discovery workshops

Process discovery workshops are an essential part of CRM consulting. These interactive sessions help to identify and map your business’s existing processes. From there, the next step is identifying the most significant areas of inefficiency and finding a solution. This is a highly collaborative process, because nobody knows your business better than you and your team.

Through these workshops, you’ll see which processes are inefficient and which ones will benefit most from automation. You can begin identifying solutions when you genuinely understand your processes (and, more importantly, the effort required to complete them). That’s precisely what your CRM consultant can do in collaboration with your team.

The benefits of a process discovery workshop can’t be understated, and it’s a crucial step in all CRM consultations.

Custom CRM development

As we mentioned, it is possible to buy a CRM off the shelf and set it up yourself. However, this isn’t a sensible way to go unless you’re particularly technical or have spent a lot of time on your process discovery workshop.

CRM consultants have a deep knowledge of CRM systems and how they can improve operations. But importantly, they can also work within your chosen CRM’s ecosystem to customise it for you. This means building tailored workflows that align with your processes. Marketing tasks can run almost autonomously in the background.

This customisation also improves consistency. Each workflow built into your CRM guides staff on how to complete tasks. Basically, it ensures all staff members are on the same page and can access the same information when dealing with customers.

CRM integration with other software

Integrating your CRM system with existing business systems is essential for maintaining a smooth information flow and optimising business process management. The integration enables automatic data sharing between systems, removing the need for manual data entry, reducing errors, and saving valuable time. Moreover, it facilitates a unified view of all business operations, empowering you to make informed decisions and streamline workflows.

The benefits of CRM consulting

CRM consulting offers many benefits that improve your daily operations. Removing mundane and manual tasks from staff members frees them up to do more creative or strategic work. Staff satisfaction also increases when systems work well and processes are clear. But there are plenty of other benefits, including:

  • Saving time: By streamlining processes, CRM consulting helps reduce time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Cost-effective: Implementing an effective CRM strategy can lead to significant cost savings in the long run.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Better management of customer relationships results in improved customer experience.
  • Data-driven decisions: CRM consulting provides valuable insights that facilitate strategic decision-making.
  • Increased sales: Efficient customer management can lead to increased sales and revenue.

This list isn’t exhaustive, and every business will benefit in slightly different ways. How you use a CRM ultimately depends on your goals and individual needs. Let’s explore some of the benefits in greater detail.

Improving business processes through CRM consulting

By automating and refining business processes, CRM consulting significantly boosts operational efficiency. Consultants look at all aspects of your daily operations, identifying areas where CRMs can enhance productivity, simplify processes, and remove inefficiencies. Whether automating routine tasks or improving data management, a well-implemented CRM system can transform the way you work.

CRMs save you time, but this change in work style is also a big hit with employees. When team members clearly understand their roles and have tools to support them in their job, they’re happier. In most cases, engaged and happy staff produce a better quality of work and also remain more loyal, so the benefits of CRM consulting are far-reaching.

Using data as a tool

In today’s data-driven world, harnessing and interpreting data effectively is crucial to business success. CRM systems act as a central storage centre for customer data, collecting and organising it in a uniform way, and all in one place. The insights you gain from a CRM can help you to understand customer behaviour, identify sales opportunities, and improve customer interactions.

Learning about your customers is one of the best ways to make business decisions. What products do they like most? Where do your customers live? What is their age demographic? Are there times of year that are busier than others? You can answer these and countless other questions by setting up the right types of reporting in your CRM.

Boosting customer satisfaction

If your customers aren’t happy, they won’t be your customers for long. CRMs give you the best of both worlds for improving the customer experience. Firstly, with all data and interactions recorded in one place, all staff members can easily access the information they need to support customer enquiries. This leads to more consistent service that customers appreciate.

In addition, CRMs also incorporate feedback tools, meaning you can gather and access customer feedback at the click of a button. When you understand what you can do better, you can improve and even tailor the customer experience. Working with a professional CRM consultant allows you to set your system up to put the customer experience first.

The impact of a CRM on sales and marketing

CRM systems significantly improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies. They help you track and manage leads, provide better service, proactively notify clients about deals they may be interested in, and reach a captive audience of existing customers.

Your sales team can gain so much from using a customised CRM, and your customers will also love the consistency of service. Whether you build targeted marketing campaigns, manage social media posting or engage in remarketing, you’ll definitely realise the difference when your CRM is in place.

Better communication

Not many people would argue that communication is crucial in business. Communication is the foundation for all business relationships, whether dealing with customers or collaborating with colleagues internally. CRM tools facilitate this by giving a shared platform for information, ensuring that every team member is on the same page. This results in better collaboration and quicker resolution of customer queries.

Furthermore, CRM systems can automate customer communications, providing timely responses and ensuring no customer interaction is missed. You can even set reminders for team members to follow up on tasks, making workload management much easier.

Choosing the right CRM consultant

Every business has different needs when it comes to business software systems. By speaking with a CRM consultant, you can better understand how you’ll benefit from a CRM. Here at Human Pixel, we’re a certified Zoho Partner with in-depth knowledge of all popular CRM systems. We consult thoroughly to understand your needs and recommend the best solution. You always get honest, transparent advice and we’ll never sell you something you don’t need. Contact the Human Pixel team today to discover ways of improving your business.

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