Tips for Using SMS Campaigns

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Have you thought about using SMS campaigns to connect and engage with your customers? SMS has a lot of uses, but one particular one revolves around making sales and increasing your customer base. Here’s how SMS can help.

Send exclusive offers

SMS campaigns can be extremely effective in keeping your database of customers engaged. While we don’t really like spam, text messages have a much higher open rate than emails. Plus, customers are more receptive to consumers if there’s a genuine benefit to them. You’ll also find people more engaged if they receive communication from a business they’ve dealt with before.

So, to reward your loyal customers and keep them coming back for more, use SMS campaigns to send out exclusive offers and special deals. It’s a great way to boost revenue quickly or to advertise sale events.

Use live agent notifications

No matter how clearly you state that customers just need to text a keyword, it’s not uncommon for some to write back with more queries. If you’ve got a range of automated responses set up for certain keywords, you may be able to respond automatically.

If not, set your SMS system up to trigger a live agent notification when customers need a little more help. That way, a human can take over and solve the customer’s issue, or even nurture them towards a sale.

Use SMS campaigns to drive new customers

SMS campaigns are a powerful way to grow your marketing database. However, it’s not always about increasing loyalty among your existing customers. A great way to do this is to run a competition. Get people to text a certain keyword to your number, and select some random winners.

All of a sudden, you’ve got a stack of new customers engaged with your business. To go the extra mile, you can even send a discount offer or special deal to the customers who didn’t win the main prize. This keeps people interested, and also they’re less likely to opt out of SMS communication.

Keep messages short and engaging

As you know, text messages can be pretty long if you want them to be. But don’t do that to your customers. Text messages are most effective when they can be read quickly. SO, this is where you need to be smart about how you structure your SMS campaigns.

Keep the messages short, sharp and to the point. Make them enticing by using as few words as possible. This makes it easy for customers to follow your call to action.

Let people opt out of SMS campaigns

Nobody likes being bombarded with text messages they don’t want. We’ve hated spam in our email for years, and it’s no more popular via text. So, to keep your customers happy, include an OPT-OUT option. You can make it easy for them by using SMS keywords, such as ‘NO’. That way, they can send a simple text back and you’ll be notified to remove them from future campaign lists.

This is not only great for pleasing customers, but also ensures that you’re compliant with laws around spam advertising.

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Tips for Using SMS Campaigns

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