Top Features of the Salesforce CRM

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Salesforce is one of the leading CRMs in the world, and it has a whole host of cool features you can take advantage of. If you’re reading this, chances are you already know that Salesforce CRM is an awesome business tool that lets you manage customers, improve sales and boost customer service. It’s also great for accessing reports and gathering data to help you make better decisions. So, if you’re only using Salesforce for generating and converting leads, there’s a lot you’re missing out on. Let’s dig a little deeper and highlight some cool functions you might not even be using.

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Do you want accurate, real time data available at your fingertips? If you’re tired of trawling through multiple systems to analyse complex information, help is at hand. You can stop pulling your hair out because Salesforce CRM lets you customise your dashboard, making reports easy to find. You can also decide how you want to view things, so lovers of pie charts and graphs can rejoice!

Collaborate with Chatter

We’re not talking about office chatter about who won the latest reality TV show here. Chatter is the name of Salesforce’s messaging service, and it makes it super easy for staff to collaborate on projects. With Chatter, nobody is left out of the loop and you can seek advice from colleagues instantly.

Salesforce CRM makes integration easy

If you want CRM integration with other business systems, Salesforce makes it easy. You might need a bit of expert help, but you can make sure your CRM plays nicely with other programs you use regularly. This can save hours in work duplication and therefore increase efficiency considerably.

Email templates and syncing

You’re probably already aware that most CRMs allow for clever email marketing, but Salesforce makes email even easier. You can load in a bunch of branded email templates, making it easier than ever to personalise your customer emails without all the cutting and pasting. Even better, you can sync it with Outlook, Gmail or other third-party email platforms so you can keep track of things from anywhere.

Salesforce CRM goes mobile

Ever been sitting in a café enjoying a break when you remember a crucial sales matter you need to address? Thanks to Salesforce CRM, you don’t have to do a mad dash back to the office anymore. The Salesforce mobile app keeps you on top of everything, no matter where you are.

Analyse your marketing like never before

If you use a CRM for marketing, and most people do, you want to make sure your efforts are effective. Salesforce tracks everything from email campaigns to social media campaigns. This gives you real-time information on what’s working well, and what might need a re-think.

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Top Features of the Salesforce CRM

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