The Top Principles of Great Web Design

The Top Principles of Great Web Design

Web design deals with a website’s appearance. As with other types of design, it covers layout, colour, graphics & fonts as its key elements. Even though it only forms part of web development, web design plays an integral role as it serves as the online users’ first impression of a business.  On that, hiring a web design company, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne based like us ensures that you tick all of the boxes of what great web design should be.

Web design facts by the numbers

To affirm its importance, listed below are some significant statistics between visitor engagement & web design.

  • Two out of three users prefer to browse & navigate visually-appealing websites.
  • It only takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about a website they just visited.
  • More than 90% of users base their first impression of a website on its design.
  • 38% of users exit a website due to unappealing or poor design.
  • 39% of users stop engaging with a website if the images won’t load or take a long time to do so.

Principles of great web design

With such statistics, there is no denying how essential a great web design is. In relation to that, we’ve compiled what we believe are the top principles of great web design.

It should be simple & consistent.

Simple web design ensures that users can browse through your website without difficulty. That said, they should be able to easily locate where the navigation bar or menu is. This tells them immediately what you offer & what they can do within your website. Moreover, a simple & fresh design prevents your visitors from being overwhelmed & distracted. An expert web design company, Brisbane based or otherwise, knows that as visually appealing as the design should be, it must NOT distract users from completing actions which they intend to take. These include signing up for your newsletter or asking for a quote.

Furthermore, your website design should be consistent on all pages. The layout of graphics, copy & call-to-action buttons should be the same. Not only does this help users navigate your website easily but it also provides a sense of uniformity.

It should be aligned with your brand.

Given that your website serves as your company’s online address, users must easily identify it with your brand. The design must align with who you are as a business. For example, if you provide massage services as a company, your website must invoke a feeling of serenity & calmness. This should reflect in the colours, typography & layout.

It should be optimised for speed.

As any web design company, Brisbane based or otherwise would say, optimising your website’s design greatly impacts your online presence. As we have mentioned above, 39% of users stop engaging with a website if its images won’t load or take too long to do so. This results in the loss of potential sales & visitor engagement opportunities. So, any page within your website along with its images must not take more than two to five seconds to load.

It should be responsive.

With more than 50% of users accessing the Internet through a smartphone or tablet, your website’s design should be responsive. This means the layout along with its components should automatically scale or adjust to a gadget’s screen size. This prevents users from being frustrated & leaving which happens with non-responsive websites where they need to zoom or pan.

Professional web design by Human Pixel

With our team’s expertise in web design & development, we have created professional websites for different businesses in different industries. And with each site we create, we make sure it follows all of the aforementioned principles. So, if you need the services of a  web design company, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne based, look no further. Human Pixel can create a professionally-designed website for you that is sure to help boost your online sales & visitor engagement opportunities. To begin, simply contact us to start the conversation!

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The Top Principles of Great Web Design

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