Great Software Development is the product of great thinking, great strategy and great planning. For instance, without these precursors the flawless execution of a concept is a pipe dream, and the same goes for measurement, ROI and everything else that makes up a successful project.

That’s why we never do Software Development in isolation. Our work is always underpinned by research, even if it’s a small piece of work. 


We are Agile Software Development specialists. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne we service customers around Australia and the world.

We actively work with a number of Agile Methodologies, which include SAFe Agile, Dynamic Systems Development Methodology & Crystal. The flavour we use for each customer differs between the needs of the project, needs of the client, physical working environment, complexity of requirements and a bunch more. We work collaboratively with our client to come up with a working style that meets the project and client needs.

Agile provides flexibility in Software Development to change the direction of a project, or feature quickly and respond to market pressures in real time.


Many new initiates to Agile Software Development believe that Agile is lighter on documentation, looser on delivery and not as strict as “fixed price” or Waterfall projects. In fact, this isn’t true.

In Waterfall, all of the planning is done before you even start building. Many times you reach the halfway mark in the development and realise that the market has moved or changed in some impacting way. When this happens, you need to stop, re-plan, and gain approvals for the changes through a Change Request process. Like most businesses, we’re all in a fast-moving landscape. This means it could dramatically slow your progress.

Agile Software Development delivers pieces of planned work, called “Sprints”, in iterative stages. Specifically, these stages consist of Planning, Defining, Building, Testing, Implementation and Release. As a result, the planning is done in “chunks”. Therefore, this gives the client the ability to change the direction of specific features or even the entire project at the start of each sprint.

In this way you can gain feedback from users faster. This helps you to implement changes to the plan without having to re-write the entire plan.  


Human Pixel offers world-class Software Development services in Sydney and Melbourne, servicing our clients worldwide. From simple scripts to help automate data entry to fully fledged ERP / CRM Systems, we can help.

We can build anything you can think of! We start with a bullet-proof and collaborative discovery process which uncovers all of the requirements. Our method gives you a fast, efficient and fun session resulting in a high level plan and technical specification. Thus, allowing you to get on with business while we build your perfect software.

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