What a WooCommerce Specialist Can Do for You


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that turns your website into a powerful online selling tool. It’s an open-source platform, meaning developers and experts from around the world contribute to it every day. If you already use WordPress, it makes sense to build your eCommerce store with WooCommerce. However, can you do it yourself, or should you seek expert help?

Why use a WooCommerce specialist?

There are plenty of reasons you might want to hire a WooCommerce developer to help build your online store. Because, while WooCommerce makes it easy to get up and running with the basics, you need technical help to build a great store. Customer experience is everything, and your website development plays a massive role in that. Here are some examples of what a WooCommerce expert can do for you.

Better store designs

There are plenty of themes and pre-set store designs in WooCommerce. While some of them look great, they often have a very generic feel. There’s not much room for customisation unless you really know what you’re doing or understand coding. Hiring a WooCommerce specialist gives you much greater scope to customise your website. This includes using distinct branding that your customers identify with. It’s not easy to create a truly unique website by using standard store designs, so it’s best to work with a developer.


There are numerous extensions available for WooCommerce. And we mean numerous. There are so many that frankly, you’d struggle to search through them all. Plus, not all extensions are created equal, so it’s about finding the best ones for your site. Rather than spend your whole day browsing through site extensions, a WooCommerce specialists already knows what will work.

They can also build your site so that it’s easy to extend, expand and grow as your business does. It’s a common mistake that people build a basic site because they can’t afford anything else when starting out. Before long though, they need to scrap everything and hire a developer as the business grows.

Improved security

On its own, WooCommerce is pretty secure. It is audited by Sucuri, the industry leader in reviewing and certifying WordPress plugins. However, there are plenty of other security features you can add to your website. It all depends on what you sell, what information you collect and the level of security needed. A developer knows all of the right plugins and extensions to boost your security levels.

Can I use WooCommerce without a specialist?

Absolutely! However, you could also build a life-size replica of the Sydney Opera House if you only had the time, money and skills required. If you want a basic eCommerce website and you can’t see your business growing or changing much, then it makes sense to just stick with the basics. You can certainly do all of this yourself, and get set up with a functional online store.

However, if you want customisation, increased functionality and a website that truly reflects your business, we suggest getting some help. WooCommerce specialists know what works and how to build a site with future growth in mind. Plus, aesthetically, you’ll no doubt end up with a much more appealing website.

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What a WooCommerce Specialist Can Do for You

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