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If you’re using an SMS automation tool, you’ve probably heard about SMS keywords. When you engage in SMS automation and SMS marketing, it’s not all about just sending our details of marketing campaigns. SMS keywords allow customers to text a certain word to your dedicated phone number and receive something in return. It could be a special deal, being added to a mailing list or even getting certain product information sent to them.

Not only is this great for customers, but it improves and automates business processes, grows marketing lists and generates brand recognition.

What are SMS keywords used for?

SMS keywords are used in a variety of ways. Bets of all, you don’t have to be a genius to implement them for your business. Signing up for an SMS automation service is simple, and makes the process of SMS marketing so easy. Most campaigns are prepared and sent in under 10 minutes, allowing you to reach potentially thousands of customers.

However, SMS keywords are more commonly associated with the task of generating new leads and business, rather than servicing the customers you already have.

Confirming appointments

Have you ever made a doctor’s appointment, and the day before you get a text asking you to confirm or reschedule? These texts use SMS keywords to make life easier for the staff who manage appointments. Most of these appointment reminders ask you to reply with ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. The SMS system you use picks up the ‘YES’ response, and automatically confirms the booking. A ‘NO’ response will prompt a staff member to perhaps call the patient to reschedule, or simply open up that slot on the calendar for a new appointment.

Building your client list

One of the best ways to start growing your business is by creating a marketing list or database. If you use a CRM, you’d already be familiar with this concept. You can use SMS keywords to attract new customers onto your list. For example, on your website, you can ask users to text a certain word to your number for access to limited deals. This practice even crosses over into other forms of marketing. Put the same call-to-action on posters, billboards or letterbox flyers. Whatever captures your audience’s attention best!

SMS keywords are also great for separating customers into different lists. Let’s say your business sells two types of products. For example, sports equipment and camping gear. You can ask customers to text in ‘SPORTS’ or ‘CAMP’, and this way you find out what they’re most interested in. Target future marketing campaigns accordingly!

Special offers, giveaways and competitions

A great way to engage with customers is by offering them something. It might be a giveaway, a discount, or a competition. But rather than just bombarding your customers, ask them to text a keyword back in order to be entered into a draw. Or to claim a free giveaway. Then, your SMS system replies with details of how to claim their prize or special deal.

Provide specific information to customers

Finally, let’s not forget the act of simply giving customers the information they want. If you’ve got a new product on the market, include an SMS keyword and phone number on your advertising material, and customers can receive links to further information. It might be a product landing page or similar. It’s an interactive way for customers to get the info they need without the hassle of calling or searching.

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