What Does a Business Process Consultant Do?

business process consultant

You may have heard the term business process consultant before, but do you know what they really do? Understanding processes is certainly an important part of any growing business, and experienced consultants can help. Here’s all about business process consultants and also how they can rescue your company.

What is a business process consultant?

A business process consultant analyses all of your workflows, and also documents them clearly. This is usually done by putting them into simple, but repeatable steps. More importantly, they’re also able to recommend where efficiencies can be found. It could be by eliminating redundant processes altogether, or improving current ones.

The whole idea is to streamline the way your business operates, and even potentially find opportunities to automate tasks. Often, consultants are also able to identify unnecessary areas of re-work and double handling. With these removed, your business subsequently becomes more productive.

Furthermore, they will consider how technology can assist you to make life easier. This might be through sales automation or also integrating a custom CRM to manage a lot of tasks for you.

The benefits of hiring a business process consultant

The key benefit to hiring a professional to analyse your workflows lies firstly in the data you receive. Also, the business improvements resulting from their work can save companies thousands in wages. That certainly doesn’t mean you have to lose staff. Rather, you can utilise employees for more important things. Here’s a few of the benefits a consultant provides:

Document your workflows and processes

Many businesses just get the job done each day, not really being able to get a picture of all the individual pieces of work they do. A consultant can clearly document these workflows and also organises them into repeatable steps. Firstly, this helps when it comes to training new staff.

However, the real value lies in how you use this process information. Once everything is documented clearly, a consultant can begin recommending ways that tasks can be streamlined or made easier.

Increase efficiency in daily operations

Process consultants use their experience to identify gaps in your process, and also find opportunities for improvement. You may end up removing unnecessary processes, or similarly combining them with others to make things faster.

In addition, if the consultant identifies manual tasks that can be better handled by machines, you’ll reap the benefits even more.

Identify opportunities for automation

You can also gain extra value if the consultant is able to automate certain tasks. It may be electronically lodging timesheets to eliminate onerous payroll checks. Or possibly using a CRM to deliver leads to your sales team based on reliable data. Many people don’t even know how much of their work can be automated.

Fortunately, business process consultants certainly do. For the very best in business process improvement, contact us at Human Pixel today. We’re experts in transforming businesses to save you time, money, and also using your current resources more effectively.

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What Does a Business Process Consultant Do?

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