What Type of Chatbot is Right for Your Business?

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As your business starts to grow, you need to find efficiencies. You go through a constant battle to make life easier for yourself, while still keeping customers happy. On the best solutions is a chatbot. A chatbot delivers consistent messaging, improves customer service, helps with lead generation and sales plus so much more. However, there’s a lot of different types of chatbots out there.

To help choose which chatbot is right for your business, here’s some of the popular types and how they can help you.

Different types of chatbots

Since there’s a lot of chatbot types out there, it’s important to determine which one best suits your business. From simple button-based bots to bots that can learn as your business grows, there’s a lot of choice out there. Essentially, you need to think about your goals, and how this technology can help you.

Button-based chatbots

Button-based bots are considered to be more of an informational tool. They’re quite simple in their function, but they’re only as good as the information you program them with. These bots don’t have machine learning capability, so they guide your customers the way you want them guided. The bot asks pre-programmed questions, and prompt the user to select an answer on each button. With each selection, the user is guided through a process.

Button bots can help all types of businesses, but they’re particularly good for information gathering and also providing information to customers. Essentially, they’re a great way to give customers information while decreasing calls coming into your office.

Hybrid bots

Hybrid bots do everything a button bot does, but it has a natural language understanding. This means you can give customers button options, or the ability to type their own custom query. It still isn’t a full machine learning bot, but developers can recognise common user inputs and grow the database to work better.

Hybrid bots are great for businesses who want to decrease customer service calls and queries. They give customers the information they need, and they also gather information. So, for example, if you’re a company looking to expand your client list for marketing purposes, hybrid bots are great.

AI chatbots

Artificial intelligence bots are a step up, because they can learn and interact more fluently with customers. They understand natural language, and they hold genuine conversations with customers. Most importantly, they interact with other systems. This means they can perform a whole range of tasks, such as accessing pricing or scheduling information from another database. Best of all, they get smarter by holding more conversations.

AI bots are fantastic for eCommerce businesses, or any larger organisation that wants to offer 24/7 support. Since they can even make sales for you and guide customers to products, eCommerce businesses benefit greatly from an AI chatbot.

Facebook Messenger bots

Finally, if that all sounds like a bit much for where your business is at, you can always try a Facebook Messenger bot. They work on the Messenger platform, so customers can interact with your business in a familiar format. Depending on how much work you put into developing your bot, they can also perform sales tasks and a whole lot more. Facebook Messenger bots are great for businesses who don’t have the budget for a professionally developed chatbot.

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What Type of Chatbot is Right for Your Business?

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