Why Your Business Needs Australia Post Digital ID

australia post digital ID

With so much of the business world moving online, security has become a major concern. Businesses need to protect their data, and more importantly, customers need to feel secure providing information. There’s now an easier way to verify your customers’ identities, with Australia Post Digital ID.

What is Australia Post Digital ID?

Australia Post Digital ID is a fast, secure and easy way to verify customers. Customers can upload documents, provide biometric facial recognition data, and even prove their age with Auspost Digital ID. The beauty is, customers only need to verify their identity once.

For businesses, not only does it give you the confidence that people are who they say they are, but it has added benefits. Normal online verification requirements are frustrating. It often leads to customers not going through with purchases, so you’re losing sales. With Australia Post Digital ID integration, you can make life so much easier for customers, and also boost your sales.

Is it Reliable?

Security is the number one priority for Auspost Digital ID. It’s so secure that nobody from Australia Post can access a customer’s information. The customer unlocks their data using their mobile phone, so they control what’s shared.

It’s the only privately-owned online verification tool endorsed under the Australian government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework. It uses OAuth 2.0, the universal standard for online security and is also accredited under the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM).

How Australia Post Digital ID Increases Customer Conversion

Many businesses need to verify a customer’s details. Usually this involves uploading documents such a drivers licence, Medicare card and various other credentials. While an important requirement for many businesses, it’s a point of frustration for customers. These requirements often cause people to leave your website and go elsewhere.

With Australia Post Digital ID integrated into your website, customers who have already verified their identity can simply share that verification with you. It’s quick, easy and secure. Customers are more confident, and also more likely to proceed to a purchase. In fact, the industry average for document verification success is 72%, but when using Auspost Digital ID, that number increases to 86%.

Recruitment Verification

Using the Digital ID service is also great for recruitment. When you’re hiring, you usually receive a lot of applications and need to verify them all. This can be a time-consuming manual task, and it’s not pleasant for the applicants either. Take the stress out of the process by using AusPost Digital ID, because it can even securely hold police check information.

Easy Australia Post Digital ID Integration

At Human Pixel, we’re all about making business easier. Australia Post Digital ID integration is great because it not only removes manual tasks, but also increases customer confidence. It’s that sort of win-win situation we love providing for our customers. To integrate Auspost Digital ID into your website and systems, contact us today and see how we can help.

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Why Your Business Needs Australia Post Digital ID

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