To stay competitive in the virtual business arena, Organisations need to be relevant technology-wise. They need to incorporate solutions to make their business processes convenient & cost-effective. Generally, this makes the customer experience better and saves time & resources for the company. When entrepreneurs like you have more time, you can use this invaluable resource for more productive activities such as talking to investors, partners, or clients.

One great business solution is integration. Integration, in its basic description, is bringing together a series of subsystems or processes through a software intermediary called API. And here at Human Pixel, we specialise in API integration of ANY kind including custom ones. One particular solution that we create for eCommerce businesses is WooCommerce integration with Zoho Inventory.

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WooCommerce utilises WordPress and converts it into a fully-functioning online store. It allows you to sell physical products and digital downloads to subscriptions, content and even appointments.  As an open-source plugin, developers like Human Pixel can further customise it according to client needs. On the other hand, Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based software that helps in managing sales, purchase orders, and inventory. Also, it provides instant updates on your inventory status, sending you notifications whenever your items go below the re-order level. Moreover, it keeps your inventory organised by sorting them according to availability, SKUs, and prices.

With that said, these two are great solutions for any eCommerce business. And Human Pixel’s custom WooCommerce Integration with Zoho Inventory only gives you the best of both, further optimising your business processes.

The integration gives your eCommerce business that efficiency boost. For instance, orders accepted in WooCommerce are added as new sales orders in Zoho Inventory. Also, order fulfilment is updated in real-time on the WooCommerce Orders screen as they happen in Zoho Inventory. Status is changed automatically. In turn, emails are generated and sent to customers to keep them updated.

Moreover, information synced between WooCommerce and Zoho Inventory automatically triggers event actions from the latter to other applications. These include sending of invoices, creating CRM contacts, and reducing stock levels. And speaking of stock levels, marking products as in stock or out of stock in Zoho Inventory updates information in WooCommerce as well.


Mentioned above are just some of the key benefits you’re bound to reap once you decide to integrate WooCommerce with Zoho Inventory. As a WooCommerce Specialist and the top certified Zoho Inventory in the world, Human Pixel is an expert on both solutions.  You can count on us to make sure the integration is done as smoothly as possible. 

Our team will organise a meeting with you to talk about your business goals and processes. This will give us a deep understanding of your needs. In turn, enabling us to tailor the integration exactly to your requirements. Then, we will present our recommendation and plan based on the information gathered. These detail the exact timeline and processes involved. 

Rest assured, our WooCommerce and Zoho developers will make the integration process smooth, fast, and secure. We will provide progress updates regularly. Our Support Desk will also be ready to assist with any concerns. So, to help you get the most out of the integration, we will be with you even after the project is done through Lifetime Warranty

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WooCommerce Integration with Zoho Inventory
WooCommerce Integration with Zoho Inventory
WooCommerce Integration with Zoho Inventory
WooCommerce integration with Zoho Inventory
WooCommerce Integration with Zoho Inventory
WooCommerce integration with Zoho Inventory