When you’re selling products and services online, you want to give customers a variety of payment options. Well, you can do it all with POLi and it’s also fast, easy and secure. So many online retailers look to POLi for the payment solutions because it makes life easy for customers. Considering one of the biggest issues facing eCommerce stores is the dreaded abandoned shopping cart, POLi makes sense.

Online purchases are often abandoned because customers don’t find a suitable payment option. Working with a POLi Payments Integration Developer Sydney and Melbourne solves that problem. POLi isn’t just great for shoppers though, because the benefits to businesses are outstanding. Are you ready to transform your online sales machine?



Why Choose POLi Payments?

All businesses want to enhance their online sales processes, and that’s exactly what POLI offers. With a POLi Payments integration developer in Sydney and Melbourne working on your website, you’re giving customers more ways to pay and it also costs you less per transaction.

Here’s just some of the ways you can benefit from integrating POLi payments.

Reduced payment costs: When receiving online payments, you almost always pay a fee. However, with POLi that fee is only 1%. It’s also capped at $3, regardless of how big your transaction is.

Avoid credit cards: Credit cards have high merchant fees for retailers and high interest charges for customers. Nobody wins except the banks. POLi let customers pay via internet banking, with no fees.

No signup necessary: Unlike other online payment services that require customers to create an account, POLi doesn’t. It’ all about fast, secure payment.

Increased sales: Reduce the number of abandoned purchases on your website. POLi gives you access to 95% of Australians who use internet banking.

Instant notifications: Both you and your customers receive instant payment notifications from POLi, allowing you to quickly process orders.

Technical support: Always get the assistance you need, 24/7.

Let us help transform your payment processing systems today.

Streamline payments with POLi Payments integration developer in Sydney and Melbourne

At Human Pixel, we do the work required to understand your individual business needs. From website development through to API integration, we analyse what works best for you. As a POLi Payments integration developer in Sydney and Melbourne, we can seamlessly integrate POLi with all of your systems.

Integration is quick and easy, with no interruption to your business. The best thing is, we work extensively in CRM consulting and development and custom software development, so we know how to find efficiencies in your current processes. POLi integrates smoothly into your website and also your other business systems, removing the need for double-handling of data.

If you’d like to know more, contact us to start the conversation today. Our POLi Payments integration developers in Sydney and Melbourne are here to help.

POLi Payments Integration Developer Sydney and Melbourne
POLi Payments Integration Developer Sydney and Melbourne
POLi Payments Integration Developer Sydney and Melbourne