SMS is one of the easiest and most effective communication channels for keeping your customers informed. Using our SMS services, you can deliver a better customer experience through reminders, automations and confirmations. 

SMS Automation Sydney & Melbourne

Customer connections made easy

With SMS, you can accelerate your business growth by tapping into a whole new advertising channel. It’s quick to set up messages and campaigns, and even quicker for your customers to read. Likewise, it’s perfect for a world where standing out from the crowd gets harder every day.

Plus, best of all, with easy Opt-Out functionality, you remain spam-compliant while delivering true value to your customers.


What can you do with SMS?

Text message automation: Use auto-responders and also automation sequences for a more personalised customer experience.

Fast SMS: Use the Quick SMS Launcher to fire out text messages at lightning speed.

SMS Keywords: Trigger inbound campaigns for enhanced customer segmentation.

Email to SMS: Quickly send SMS replies to email or convert email responses to SMS.

Contact list updates: Receive a text response, automatically update your customer details and marketing lists.

SMS Reminders: Want to send reminders to your customers? It’s easy to SMS.

Integrations: SMS integrates with 2000+ other apps, including calendars, email clients and CRMs to make customer management a breeze.


Boost your business with text message automation

There are so many ways SMS can help accelerate business growth.

It’s effective: SMS is proven to be extremely effective in capturing people’s attention. It has a 99% open rate, and also boasts an 11% click-through-rate.

Its fast: You can set up SMS campaigns in around 8 minutes, and also access  300+ marketing resources and templates to make it even quicker.

It’s personalised: You can set up auto-responder triggers to enhance conversations, and also send personalised reminders.

It’s secure: This SMS service is Australia’s only ISO 27001 certified and 100% Data Sovereignty platform. 100% SMS delivery guarantee, and likewise, reliable ON-NET carrier connections.

Better support: You can even handle customer support issues over text. 68% of people prefer texting, so you can integrate with other support apps or even have artificial intelligence presets.


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