Human Pixel is a Zoho Consultant Developer with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. We work with our clients to help them leverage the power of Zoho One and its apps. We do this by developing custom flows in Zoho Creator or Zoho Flow.

To ensure the success of our projects, we follow a well planned process. Our process helps us to uncover all of the important information, and make GREAT recommendations through our time together.


Your Zoho Consultant will work 1:1 with you and your team through the whole process step-by-step. Specifically, this helps ensure that your project is a resounding success.

Generally, your Zoho Consultant will host and run a Process Mapping Session. This session investigates your entire business process. For this reason, this is conducted in your office or ours, in either Sydney or Melbourne, with your key team members. As example, you can see images of a Process Mapping Session in the photos to the right.

Once we have all of the necessary information about your process, we will design a process flow. Specifically, this maps the standard processes, and identifies areas for automation of the process. Accordingly, your Zoho Consultant will liaise with your Systems Architect to develop a technical specification.

From there, we work together with your team collaboratively to refine, extend and customise your Zoho Apps to work exactly how you work. With the result that your efficiency goes through the roof, and frustration leaves the building.

Let’s have a chat about your needs! You can call us on 1300 048 626 or send us a message by clicking the button below.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate business solution suite, we recommend Zoho One. Its seemingly endless selection of over 40 business applications has everything you need to run your business smoothly and successfully. Once we’re done with the Zoho One Setup, you’ll surely be at the top of your business and raking in more sales.

Need something a little more specific? Human Pixel and Zoho still have you covered.


We can help you know what your customers want easier with the market-leading Zoho CRM. We can assist in marketing your business more effectively using Zoho’s Email Marketing tool, Zoho Campaigns. Then help you organise events more efficiently using Zoho Backstage. And to stay on top of your marketing activities, we recommend Zoho MarketingHub. Integrating Zoho SalesIQ into your website is another wise option. It will boost your visitor conversion as you become more present to prospects and assist them in real time. 

We can also conduct A/B testing to see how your website’s different features perform using Zoho Pagesense. With the app, we can design two versions of your website for your visitors to check. Upon seeing the test results, we then select the one that does better in terms of visitor interaction and conversion.


A great app we recommend to ensure great customer service is Zoho Desk. As the industry’s first context-aware help desk software, it assists in providing much better solutions to customers’ concerns through different channels. And when it comes to subscriptions, Zoho Subscriptions can prevent incorrect billings and unhappy customers. With the app, we’ll automate invoice generation to ensure consistent & accurate billing every time. 


Allow your team to be more productive with Zoho Mail. Its minimalist interface makes it much easier to see what’s important and find information. Also, its trigger option makes sure your recipients receive the email on schedule. And for more interactive team conversations, there’s Zoho Cliq. Its features allow you to collaborate and communicate better with its drag-and-drop function, unlimited storage, and more. And whatever your business is, we can help you manage your projects more effectively with Zoho Projects


Take eCommerce to a whole new level with Zoho Commerce. With its integration to different shipping carriers, you can manage your delivery process without switching between different platforms. Then when it comes to accounting, we can lighten the load for you with Zoho Books. We’ll automate processes like cash flow checking and updating and inventory tracking. Speaking of inventory, Zoho Inventory has all the right tools to optimise inventory management from stock adjustment to order fulfilment. 

If you’d like to further optimise your business processes, there’s Zoho Flow. With it, we can automate various tasks that would otherwise eat up precious time.

And given that businesses evolve each day, new problems and concerns may arise with no existing solution. That’s where Zoho Creator saves the day. Using the app, we can create tailor-fit solutions for your business needs. Some of these are Sales Management, Employee Onboarding, Project Tracker, Event Management, Incident Tracker, and a lot more. 


With all of the aforementioned apps generating data, it can be overwhelming. And analysis is always sure to be a daunting task. This is where Zoho Analytics comes in. With the app, you’ll have your data right at your fingertips. Data analysis will also be a breeze with its easily understandable data visualizations and insightful dashboards. Thus, giving you a much better understanding of how you fare as a business and allow you to take necessary measures accordingly.


We’ve mentioned integration a few times now. But we just can’t help it. You already know the benefits of Integrating Websites with Zoho One and its apps. The same goes for Integrating External Systems with Zoho One. Doing so unlocks countless possibilities for any Organisation. If you think you’ve optimised your business with what you have now, think again. Zoho One has been specifically designed to exponentially increase business productivity and profitability. And of course, the same goes for any of its 40+ apps. So whether you have existing external systems or third-party business solutions, we can integrate them with Zoho One and its apps. 


As we commit to providing quality service to each of our clients, not only do we set up the perfect Zoho product but also make sure its users get to operate it like a pro. Our Zoho One Training will see to it that you can navigate the apps with confidence. And if you have any questions or concerns on Zoho One or its apps, our dedicated Zoho One Help desk will be ready to assist you anytime. But wait. There’s more. We also provide a Lifetime Warranty on all of our products. This means we’re with you even after we’re done.

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