Whatever industry you’re in, your business needs to stay relevant & competitive. One way of ensuring that is by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. From empowering your sales team to ensuring better field service, the platform promises to boost different areas of your business. As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Developer, we guarantee this.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM addresses pain points within different departments of an Organisation. It covers Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, Field Service & Project Management.

Starting with Customer Service, it allows you to provide effortless service through any channel. Connect with customers in the most convenient way for them, whether it’s via chat, SMS or email. The platform also presents a comprehensive review of your customers’ journey along with real-time & historical sentiments. 

When it comes to Sales & Marketing, it helps you attract the right prospects by running targeted multi-channel campaigns. As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Developer, we can also set up your campaigns with automation capabilities. The platform also presents a unified view of all your contacts from leads to customers. Moreover, it helps you close accounts with personalised, account-based content & nurture activities.

Then with Field Service, its remote monitoring feature allows you to see where your team is at with their field assignments. Similarly, the platform also lets your customers track your agents’ real-time location while giving your agents real-time data including best routes, driving directions & work order details. Then as your team completes field tasks, they can update the details in real-time via remote access. 

Lastly, with Project Management, its project planning capabilities provide an insight into a project’s cost, effort & estimated revenue. It also streamlines project team selection by providing you with a list of your team members along with their skill sets. This also makes it easier for you to assign & schedule tasks.

These and countless other features make Microsoft Dynamics CRM the right platform to boost your business. 


Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you an edge from your competition with its different features. We won’t wonder if you would like to use it for your Organisation. However, as a CRM expert, we know that the platform will only truly deliver if it meets YOUR needs specifically. That’s why as a  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Developer, we will make sure it does. How? It all starts with a Discovery Session. We will talk about your goals & processes along with your pain points. By knowing these, we can assess & tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

After our assessment, we will present our recommendation & plan for your approval. It will detail the features along with the steps & schedule required for implementation. Once we receive your go signal, we will begin working on the platform. We will handle all data concerned with great care. No data loss guaranteed.

Then to keep you updated with the development, we will submit regular progress reports. Our Support Desk will also be ready to assist with any questions or concerns. In case your requirements change along the way, just let us know. We’ll make the necessary adjustments. 

Then to further streamline your processes, we can also create custom links between your other software applications & Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We do this through API integration


At our core, we are IT specialists. But other than that, we also see ourselves as a team focused on customer service. That’s why we think of ways on how we can provide quality service beyond development. So, besides having our Support Desk ready to assist anytime, we also provide Lifetime Warranty on our services. This means if you decide to work with us on implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your Organisation, we’ll be with you even after it goes live. We’ll help you maximise the platform further.

Want to know more about the software or wish to use it for your business? We’ve got you! Just click the button below to talk to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Developer!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Developer Sydney & Melbourne
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Developer Sydney & Melbourne
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Developer Sydney & Melbourne
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Developer Sydney & Melbourne
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Developer Sydney & Melbourne
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Developer Sydney & Melbourne
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Developer Sydney & Melbourne