Case Study: Lowensteins Arts Management Website Redesign

Technology Used:

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Gravity Forms
  • MYOB
  • Veriff Identity integration
  • Google Maps API
  • ANZ eGate


Lowensteins, a leading arts management firm, approached our agency with the need for a website redesign. Their previous website was outdated and was starting to experience functionality issues. The primary goal was to improve the user experience and streamline the enquiry and payment process for their clients.

Scope of Work:

The scope of the project included the development of a new front-end website using WordPress, the creation of a new client enquiry form and a general enquiry form using Gravity Forms, email notification of enquiry submissions to staff, user verification using Veriff Identity integration, online invoice payment through ANZ eGate plugin, an eCommerce platform using WooCommerce to sell their book “Accounting for Taste”, a dashboard for staff to view and approve enquiries using MYOB, and automatic creation of customers in MYOB for approved client enquiries. Additionally, the Google Maps API was integrated to provide clients with easy access to the firm’s location.


The result was a beautiful and functional website that met the needs of both the clients and the staff. The new client enquiry form and general enquiry form made the process of submitting enquiries more efficient and the email notification system ensured that staff were promptly informed of new submissions. The user verification using Veriff Identity integration provided an added layer of security for client transactions. The ability to pay invoices online through ANZ eGate plugin made the payment process more convenient for clients and the eCommerce platform allowed them to purchase the book “Accounting for Taste” with ease. The staff dashboard allowed the team to efficiently manage and approve enquiries, and the automatic creation of customers in MYOB ensured that client information was seamlessly integrated into their system. The Google Maps API integration made it easy for clients to find the firm’s location.


The website redesign project was a success, delivering a beautiful and functional website that improved the user experience and streamlined processes for both clients and staff. The project demonstrated our agency’s expertise in WordPress development and the integration of various technologies including WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, MYOB, Veriff Identity integration, Google Maps API, and ANZ eGate. Lowensteins and their clients have been highly satisfied with the new website and the improvements it has brought to their business operations. The website has become an integral part of Lowensteins’ arts management services, providing a platform for clients to make enquiries, pay invoices and purchase products with ease.

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