Mailchimp is an email marketing software (EMS) that does a lot for you. It’s easy-to-use interface sets it apart from its competitors. It allows you to create newsletters, templates and lists efficiently and more. It’s the EMS of choice for over 1 million users.

Being a Mailchimp specialist with offices in Sydney & Melbourne, Human Pixel has helped companies around the world determine what customers want and improve their businesses around that. And we’re eager to do the same for you.


MailChimp Specialist Sydney & Melbourne


MailChimp makes it easy to write and send emails. But there’s more to it than that. You can also create ads for Facebook or Instagram, come up with must-click landing pages or reach prospects on other sites through Google remarketing ads. More importantly, you can track the response to your marketing efforts through the software. 

Mailchimp offers a lot of exciting possibilities with an array of proven marketing tools right at your fingertips. And as a Mailchimp Specialist, we will turn those possibilities into reality.


By now, you’re aware that there’s more to the software than just sending emails. But there’s still more. By integrating it to your existing apps or software, Mailchimp will communicate with all of these to provide you with a seamless CRM experience.

Being a Mailchimp Specialist, we can assist with consulting, implementation and integration with many popular software applications, CRM’s and website CMS. To start the process, we will give you our recommendation based on your business goals. Along with that, we will also present to you our implementation plan & digital marketing strategy.

With your approval, we will then begin the integration. We will build custom links between your existing systems and Mailchimp, and make them work seamlessly together. You also don’t have to worry about your data. As we create the links, we’ll make sure all affected data is secured. Nothing will be lost. 

Also, expect no downtime during the process. Our Mailchimp experts will do the integration quickly and efficiently with all your data secured.

Whether you’d like to integrate Mailchimp to your business or have some questions, just click the button to start a conversation with a Mailchimp Specialist!


MailChimp Specialist Sydney & Melbourne
MailChimp Specialist Sydney & Melbourne