Xero is a great cloud-based software that automates different accounting and bookkeeping tasks. But did you ever wish you could do more with it? Through Xero Integration, you can.

Integration means creating a link between two systems using an API. Once a connection is established, more tasks can be automated and processes streamlined. And with Human Pixel’s expertise in API integration, we can do this for you. We can help optimise your business through Xero Integration.



As we’ve mentioned, Xero Integration helps you optimise your business processes. How exactly? Allow us to cite a few examples.

When we link Xero to your website, invoices and receipts are automatically generated from orders on your eCommerce store. Improve payments with multiple integrated payment options like PayPalStripe and Apple Pay. Furthermore, generate daily sales reports from your website.

Moving to software applications, Xero Integration offers a lot of features with over 100 apps that it can connect to. When linked to your email marketing software (EMS) like Mailchimp, changes to your contacts in Xero will automatically be reflected in your EMS mailing lists. The same goes for any other software dealing with contacts. Also, see real-time invoice history of your registered customers through integration with CRM software like Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot or SuiteCRM. And when Xero is linked to business intelligence (BI) tools like Zoho Analytics, detailed and customisable financial reports are generated. This helps you analyse your invoices and track overall accounting performance easier and quicker, among others.


Indeed, Xero Integration can optimise your business operations. But in order to make sure of this, you need the right team. You need the team who will not only do the work for you but also help you understand the details to get the most out of it. And Human Pixel is that team.

To start, we’ll ask the necessary questions. We’ll ask about your business processes. If you have existing systems, we’ll evaluate them. We’ll gather all the necessary information. Then from there, we’ll create a recommendation and plan. Then proceed with implementation upon your approval.

The entire process including testing up to delivery will be a quick and secure process. You won’t need to worry about any business downtime. NO data loss guaranteed. And in case you have any questions or concerns, our Support Desk will be ready to assist you anytime. In addition to this, our Xero Integration comes with a Lifetime Warranty. This means we’ll be with you even after your website or software applications go live.

Want to explore more about Xero integration or want to do it for your business? Just click the button below to talk to one of Xero Integration specialists!

Xero Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Xero Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Xero Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Xero Integration Sydney & Melbourne
Xero Integration Sydney & Melbourne