Human Pixel CTO Adam Winchester to Talk Business Process Optimisation with Process Pioneers

business process optimisation

This week, our very own CTO Adam Winchester sits down with host Daniel Rayner on the Process Pioneers podcast. With the world as we know it changing before our eyes, business process optimisation is on everyone’s minds. And that’s exactly what Adam will be having a chat about.

What is Process Pioneers?

Process Pioneers is a podcast series focused on business processes, and how different organisations manage their daily tasks. Host Daniel Webster has a keen interest in business process, and he’s found a need for more to discussion to take place on the matter. Process Pioneers is all about business improvement, and how companies can continue to improve in a rapidly changing business landscape.

The podcast series will feature discussions with various business process improvement experts, including our very own Adam Winchester.

What will this discussion be about?

Adam will be talking about business process optimisation from a unique position. Not only has he been heavily involved with improving our business processes here at Human Pixel, but part of his job is helping others do the same.

It’s a great insight to have, because Adam can offer practical, real-world advice to listeners who may be going through their own business process struggles. Also, he can draw on his own experiences which we’ll get to hear all about.

Where can we hear Adam talk about business process optimisation?

Keep an eye out on our blog here, and of course our social media channels. As soon as Adam’s interview for Process Pioneers is released, we’ll post all of the relevant links so you can check it out for yourself!

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Human Pixel CTO Adam Winchester to Talk Business Process Optimisation with Process Pioneers

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