Our Thoughts On: Voice First Development

voice first development

Voice first development is one of biggest topics in not only tech circles, but also in business. With uptake of smart home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo booming worldwide, businesses are discovering the power of voice first.

Systems using voice first technology are creating countless opportunities for business. Consider the fact that through this technology, customers can interact with your brand easily. Not just easily, but they don’t even touch your website, apps or telephone. The ability for customers to reach you and your products without any real user interface is changing the business landscape.

Our artificial intelligence platforms also help customers take advantage of voice first technology. We can help you provide a range of hands-free services to your customers, harnessing the power of AI. You can also take your customer service to a new level through machine learning and voice first development.

Here, you can read all of our thoughts and latest news on voice first technology and how it can benefit your business. As always, we’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact the team at Human Pixel for the right advice and best business improvement strategies.

Chatbot Agency: Apps and Bots with No User Interface

chatbot agency

Have you ever used a smart home assistant like Amazon Echo, Google Home, or even Apple’s Siri? If you have, you’ve already experienced the shift towards conversational apps and bots that require no user interface of their own. These voice-controlled systems make it easy for users to interact without the need to press buttons or […]