Product Management – From Strategic to Tactical

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When developing and managing products, there’s a lot more involved than just creating something and putting it on the market. Your product strategy encompasses everything, including vision development, understanding your customers, product development, marketing and sales, and tracking. Without a comprehensive strategy, product launches are doomed to fail. Here are some key points to address when managing and releasing products.

Developing your vision

First, you need to have a vision for your new product. This is where you ask yourself key questions, such as what problems your product solves and whether there are alternatives on the market.

Understanding your target market

You also need a deep understanding of who your product appeals to most. If it’s solving a particular problem or pain point, you likely already know who our audience is. But you need to go into more detail to find out everything you can about your customers. This includes their geographical location, age range, income levels, online behaviours, how they like to shop and much more. This in-depth research will pay huge dividends in marketing, but it also informs you whether there is a viable market for your product.

Strategy development

If you choose to go ahead with product development, you’ll need a solid strategy in place. Your strategy should include every detail you can think of, such as your price point, how the product differs from competitors, why customers would choose your product, costs of development and production and more. A clearly defined strategy is essential.

Product development

You can start with prototypes or launch into building the real thing when developing products. It often depends on the type of product – for example, a new universal remote control is a physical object and will need a prototype. A software program won’t need a prototype as such, but it will have a lengthy development and testing process.

Marketing and sales

If you’ve done your product strategy well, you should already have a plan in place for marketing. You’ll need a strong online presence, so digital marketing is a must. Remember all the research you did on your customers? Using this data, you can work out the best channels to reach your audience.

Performance tracking

Finally, you need a plan for how you will track success. You may have sales benchmarks to reach, or your initial goals may be more product exposure. Whatever aligns with your goals, ensure you have systems to track your progress.

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Product Management – From Strategic to Tactical

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