Projects in the Normal December Downtime


Well, we might be right in the middle of the silly season, but for many businesses the work doesn’t stop. That’s definitely the case here at Human Pixel, because we’re working right through the holiday period. It’s not something we do every year, but the Covid-19 pandemic has mixed things up for many companies.

What we’re finding is that businesses are now getting back into full swing after a very difficult year. So, the holiday period looks a little different this year. People are trying to make up for lost time. We’re seeing a huge increase in demand, when December is usually a little quieter.

It got us thinking, even though this is a completely weird year for everybody, maybe it’s actually a great idea. That December downtime can actually be used productively by planning or starting those projects you might have held off on until next year.

Winding down for the holidays?

Is your business winding down for Christmas, or are you using the festive period to make up for lost time? One thing’s for certain. December 2020 feels like no other. Usually, people are already in holiday mode by the middle of the month, only taking on urgent tasks so they can have a stress-free break.

But this year, a lot of us have already had enforced breaks throughout the year. Some people don’t have any leave left, because they had to take it during Covid-19 shutdowns. So, not matter what your business is doing this December, there’s a way you can make it more productive and start 2021 with a bang.

A great time for planning

If you’ve got large projects on the go, like a website redesign or custom software development, now is the time. Planning for these bigger projects takes a while, so getting a head start is a great idea. Even better, if you start planning your projects now, your software company could be working on it over the holidays while you’re enjoying a break. That’s certainly what Human Pixel will be doing for plenty of our clients.

Book in those planning meetings quickly for December, and you could give those projects a real jump-start for 2021.

Kick projects off before holidays

There are also plenty of smaller projects you might be considering. Holiday marketing campaigns. API integration to improve parts of your website. Even setting up workflows in your CRM to automate a bunch of processes while you’re away.

These types of projects may be smaller, but they can have a big impact on your business over the holiday period. Why not get them started in December and have them up and running before you head off for those final Christmas drinks?

Come back to work with new software

You know how busy it is in January when you get back to work. Then all of a sudden, it’s February. Still no new software, no new website, and no new anything that you’d planned to do first thing in 2021.

Get yourself out of that trap, and get started now. That way, you can come back to work in January with new software. The team at Human Pixel are working all the way through, so contact us today and let’s get things ready for next year!

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Projects in the Normal December Downtime

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