The Recipe for Achieving the Best Quality

The Recipe for Achieving the Best Quality

In this day and age, we’re all used to quick solutions when it comes to almost anything. Think of microwave food, high-speed Internet and fast services. We’re not one to argue about the convenience it brings. We enjoy it. However, quick solutions are not always the best solution. Sometimes you need to take time to work on something to make sure you get the best quality. A great example is this Speed Challenge video from Mo Selim Art.

As you have seen, the video shows what quality of sketch you can create within 10 minutes, 1 minute and 10 seconds. Well, 12 seconds as the author later corrected. We can apply the same analogy to project delivery. The output expected should be commensurate to the time provided.

Here at Human Pixel, we strive to deliver the best quality output we can give to our clients. After we learn the project requirements, we come up with a plan that details the steps and time needed to complete it. And when it comes to time, we make sure to allot enough to do what we need to do. Otherwise, we may not be able to deliver what our clients expect.

A Little Flexibility

We understand that time is of the essence in the world of business. And we try our best to accommodate. We present what we can perform within a specific amount of time: 10-minute quality for a 10-minute deadline.

As much as we’d like to, we cannot create a 10-minute quality output within 10 seconds. If we rush something that we know needs more time, the outcome will not be on par to what we aim for and what the clients need.

And as technology is ever changing, we also consider this into our planning. There are updates and new releases which may be launched during a project’s implementation phase. And we need to incorporate those so the product or service will be at its best once it is delivered. Still, we make sure to complete a project in a timely manner which is also favourable to the client.

Time and Budget, the Inseparable Duo

Just like with time, we can also only provide the quality which is equivalent to a given budget.

We know that the industry is more competitive than ever. And we do our best to be such. Still, we’d like to keep not only our clients happy but also our team. They are the core of our company. We will not be able to provide quality output without them.

Why is this related to the budget? As with any other business, we need sales to pay our team for their work. This means we can only pay them with whatever comes in from our sales. So if the work needed for a project is not commensurate to the budget, our team suffers.

Thus, we make sure to consider all factors when we do our planning and costing for a project. We see to it we come up with a quote and a plan that is fair to our team and the clients. After all, we will not be here without both.

So what is the recipe for achieving the best quality you may ask? For us here at Human Pixel, it’s having enough time and the right budget. Plus, a little room for flexibility when needed.

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The Recipe for Achieving the Best Quality

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