Simon A. Bull & Associates Website Goes Live

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Human Pixel is proud to announce the recent launch of Simon A. Bull & Associates new website. Our website development services team in Melbourne have done a great job on the new site, and they also had a lot of fun building it. The result is a sleek, easy to navigate website with plenty of information spread throughout the site.

Who are Simon A. Bull & Associates?

Simon A. Bull & Associates are a Hamilton, Ontario based recruitment services company. Their new website had to be extremely user-friendly because they offer a range of different services. The company offers services to candidates, such as resume optimisation, careers coaching and also placement services.

For businesses, they offer a whole host of recruitment services. Working across several different industries, they certainly have the recruiting experience. In fact, they’ve got over 40 years’ experience, having been in operation since 1978.

What are the website’s features?

Our website development services team in Melbourne had the task of creating a user-friendly website packed with features. Firstly, plenty of information is included on the website. The challenge was designing it in such a way that users could find what the needed easily. So, to make it simple, we’ve created two main sections. One for candidates, and also one for companies.

In addition, candidate registration has been made easy with user forms added throughout the site. We’ve built a complete registration page for candidates to sign up for recruitment services. Also included are some user-friendly forms at the bottom of each page, allowing visitors to sign up to an assignment notification services. The same footer also includes easy access to their resume optimization service.

Overall, the end result is an attractive website that’s not overburdened with text. Users can access the information they really need, without searching through pages of information they don’t.

SEO Friendly website development services in Melbourne

Another of our goals for the Simon A. Bull & Associates website was making the site SEO friendly. Our team works hard behind the scenes to give our clients a platform to boost their search rankings. Throughout the development process we also provided some detailed information on how to add catchy, SEO friendly blog posts. We’re excited to know that Simon A. Bull & Associates will be adding to their page content very soon!

If you’d like assistance with website development services, please contact us at Human Pixel today.

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Simon A. Bull & Associates Website Goes Live

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