Website Development: Why Your Website Matters More Than Ever

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There’s a common theory that you need a high-performing website to be successful in the modern world. We can’t really argue with that, because so many people are using online services for everything. Consider how frequently you use your smartphone or laptop to do product research before buying. If you’re visiting a new place and looking for a restaurant, where do you go? Online.

One of the discrepancies we often see is between marketing budget and website budget. Businesses want to spend money on digital marketing, but they’re hesitant to invest in their website. Unfortunately, this way of thinking makes no sense, because without a great website in 2021, your marketing efforts won’t be anywhere near as effective.

Here’s why website development matters now more than ever.

Online presence is essential for success

As we mentioned, people are almost exclusively digital when it comes to dealing with businesses. However, one thing we often see is an over-reliance on social media. Some companies even think they don’t need a proper website because they have a Facebook page. Having a good social presence is great, and you can even sell products on some channels, but nothing takes the place of a good website.

In fact, when researching products and services, customers actually get frustrated when a business doesn’t have an informative, easy-to-use website. That’s because social channels simply can’t give the same level of info that a website can.

Website development isn’t just for show

Having a great website isn’t just for show. Sure, you want it to look good and be appealing to customers. But it’s more about what your website does for you. Firstly, it’s more important to work on the actual development side of your website. On-page and off-page SEO, for example, is crucial to generating more traffic and ranking well on search engines.

But with the right technology, your website can become an extension of your sales team. In fact, your website can potentially do what even several new staff members can’t.

Automating leads using integration

Think about how a basic website is structured for a moment. You might have information about your services, maybe some contact details and icons to connect via social networks. Basic websites might even have a contact form. But how does that really help nurture your leads. If you’ve done the hard work attracting people to your website, then you need to convert them into sales.

The biggest key there is making it easy for customers to deal with you. Many don’t like calling, and that’s not even possible after hours. That’s why websites with chatbots and integration with a CRM work so much better. Information gets delivered directly to your sales team to take action at the earliest possible opportunity.

Website development is the basis for your branding

Finally, your website is integral to your branding. If you want to be known as a company who makes it easy for customers to deal with, your website is key. It’s also a great place to determine the basis of your branding. Everything from colours, text and tone of voice should be transferred across all other online platforms. With a website that interacts well with customers, you increase brand recognition and trust.

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Website Development: Why Your Website Matters More Than Ever

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