Why we’re proud to be a Magento Developer

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When you’re building an eCommerce website, choosing the right content management system (CMS) is crucial. There’s plenty of options out there, so it’s important to research all of them carefully. One that we particularly love is Magento, because its powerful, scalable and built for sales.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source CMS for online retail, or eCommerce. When you’re creating an online store, you need a powerful CMS behind your website, and that’s exactly what Magento offers. It’s one of the most popular on the market today for good reason. One of the great things about Magento is its suitability for all business types. You can access both the Community or Enterprise editions, depending on the size of your business.

In simple terms, Magento is the platform on which your eCommerce store is built, but its advantages are vast. Here are some of the key reasons so many Magento specialists love using the platform.

Magento is sales focussed

You can build your eCommerce website on a number of eCommerce platforms, but not all of them are as sales-centric as Magento. It has a built-in functionality for targeting customers based on their viewing and purchase history. That means the promotions, coupons and special deals offered to customers are based specifically on products they’ve viewed before. You can even offer upselling at the checkout stage.

Stopping customers from abandoning their shopping carts is a constant problem for online retailers. Magento is built to improve conversion.

Magento integration offers a huge range of functionality

It has some design themes available, but by hiring a Magento developer you can access so much more customisation. It’s not just colours and page design though. You can customise everything about how you manage products and categories, all the way through to payment and shipping options.

Also, being an open-source platform, there are several plugins available that make customisation a breeze.

It’s scalable for business growth

The beauty of Magento is in its power. Magento can literally manage hundred and thousands of products, so as your business grows, so does your website. Not every eCommerce website starts with a huge inventory, but with Magento you’ve got a platform that can handle massive growth.

Scalability is a big deal for businesses, because you make a decent investment in digital products. If they can’t handle business growth, you’re back at square-one looking for more expensive software development solutions. Magento removes that risk.

Easy to maintain

Building your Magento website is best left to professional developers initially. You’ll get a lot more customisation, features and functionality. However, once everything is coded, managing your site is easy. Adding products with Magento is simple, and you can also get easy access to analytics and site information. It even makes SEO a simple process, so you can keep your site performing well on search engines no matter how many products you add.

Want to know more about Magento integration?

Human Pixel have the skills, knowledge and experience to turn your website into a sales machine. With Magento integration, we can build a powerful eCommerce website that grows with your business. For more advice and to find out how we can help, contact us at Human pixel today.

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Why we’re proud to be a Magento Developer

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