Are CRM Systems Meaning the End of Bad Service?

CRM systems meaning

Ever wondered what the CRM systems meaning is? If you’re in business, you’ll definitely want to know about CRMs. Especially if you’re struggling to get the most out of your sales team. When you employ great sales people, do you really want them wasting time on admin? (Hint: The answer is no, and they’re usually not great at it anyway!)

CRM systems, meaning Customer Relationship Management systems are designed to increase efficiency and quality of service. A CRM makes customer data easily accessible in one place, and even automates tasks such as admin and marketing. However, CRMs aren’t all created equal. Let’s take a look at three of our favourites.

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Zoho One

Zoho is an extremely impressive piece of software that handles most things except making your morning coffee. The Zoho One CRM has over 40 great functions, but there’s even more than that. Zoho offers plenty of other software for business, so you can easily integrate those into your Zoho One CRM.

Businesses love the easy-to-use dashboards, which help increase your customer support team’s efficiency. The interface also makes for easy reporting at the click of a button, with everything being really customisable. For sales, marketing, collaboration, Zoho One practically guarantees business improvement.


As the name suggests, Salesforce is great for your – you guessed it – sales force. A tool like Salesforce equips your sales team with all the customer information they need to deliver value and seal the deal with customers. Combined with it’s built-in tools for marketing and sales automation, this is a powerful business tool to increase your team’s efficiency.

Having all of your customer interactions in one place increases customer satisfaction, because all staff can help out and always see the same information. Purchase history, orders, previous interactions – it’s all right there. Also impressive is the huge amount of data Salesforce collects and delivers to you, helping you make the right business decisions.


Hubspot is one of the biggest CRM systems meaning it’s often recognised as the best in the world. While ‘the best’ is a little misleading, because every business has different needs, we certainly do love HubSpot and all it offers. In terms of marketing tasks like email automation, website management, SEO, landing page creating, even social media and blogging, HubSpot takes the cake. If you’re serious about creating effective workflows and sales pipelines, HubSpot is definitely for you. It’s also got all the other great features you’d expect from a CRM, but marketing power is the backbone of HubSpot’s popularity.

Customise your CRM systems, meaning better integration

With so many great CRM products on the market, you might wonder why you’d ever need a custom one built. Well, every business is different so they all need different tools. You might use a lot of third-party software in your daily operations, and not all of them well play nicely with the big-name CRMs. That’s where you may like to speak to a custom CRM development consultant. That way, you can find out whether your entire system needs an overhaul. Custom CRM systems are meaning less changes for business, because they can be built to work well with other operational tools.

Whichever you choose, a CRM system is important to boosting customer service, sales, and efficiency.

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Are CRM Systems Meaning the End of Bad Service?

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