Australian Public Holidays for Zoho CRM

It can be really frustrating when using Zoho CRM and using a date field in a module to calculate anything from number of working days in a month, or the number of days to charge a customer for the next 4 months of services, doing payroll, or working out how many working days between dates – in fact, without knowing the number of public holidays between now and then, it’s impossible!

We have developed an Australian Public Holidays for Zoho CRM extension which not only populates a new Public Holidays module with up to date Australian public holidays – but also updates this module every year AUTOMATICALLY!

A simple, but very powerful concept. The extension gives you to power to include real time data to use in your Zoho CRM to ensure your date based calculations are accurate, so you never over pay, or over charge.

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Australian Public Holidays for Zoho CRM

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