Choosing the Right Software Company for Your Business

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A software company provides a range of services, including custom software, CRM development and integration, process improvement and a whole lot more. So, how do you choose the right company for your business? Here’s a few things to keep in mind when making your choice.

Are they interested in your business goals?

Firstly, when choosing a software company, there is one tell-tale sign that you should run for the hills. If you have an initial discussion with a consultant, and all you hear is ‘Yes, we can do that’, that’s a red flag. Software companies who really want to help your business grow ask questions. They want to understand your business and exactly what you want to achieve. Companies that simply affirm they can perform all the technical tasks you’re asking of them are usually not good collaborators. Don’t look for yes-people, look for business software experts.

More importantly, do they have business expertise?

There is a clear difference between business software experts and technically skilled developers. Business experts can actually see the issues you’re facing and suggest solutions. This is crucial to the process, because often you don’t even know what options are available. A developer, on the other hand, builds something according to your instructions.

So, unless you’re technically minded yourself, it helps to have a software company who provides knowledge in all areas, such as business improvement, custom software, sales automation, website development and anything else that helps you achieve your goals.

Does your software company communicate well?

Communication. It’s the lifeblood of all business relationships. All relationships, in fact. Yet so many software companies seem to ignore emails and messages, only responding when it’s convenient for them. We’d love to give you a crystal ball so you could see if this is going to happen with your software company. Instead, we’ll just advise to tread carefully and pay attention to early communications. For example, if they take two days to respond to your initial sales enquiry, you’d have to wonder how good their in-project communication will be.

One thing to look for is whether they give you a direct contact. It could be an account manager, sales person or project manager. Having that point of contact is important throughout the development process.

Can your software company offer firm timelines?

Most businesses like to work on deadlines. You probably have one yourself, for example, wanting your new software program online by a certain date. So, check that your software company delivers clear timelines. This might be a final project completion date, or a series of development cycles. Keep in mind though, that good software development includes comprehensive testing and bug fixing. So, make sure you’re not missing this crucial part of the process in pursuit of quick delivery.

Finally, check their social proof

If you’re happy with everything the company is offering, don’t forget to check for social proof. That means Google reviews, Facebook ratings, testimonials and recognition by software industry websites and publications. It’s a good way to get that extra peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice.

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Choosing the Right Software Company for Your Business

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