Imagine Early Learning & Childcare launches their new brand

Imagine Early Learning & Childcare

My Kindy faced a problem…

28 years ago when they started, they were the only ones with the word “Kindy” in their brand. Since then tens, or maybe even hundreds of childcare centres have opened their doors with the same moniker and even though they were the first with the name, they’ve found themselves lost in the crowd.

From Kindy Patch to Kids Kindy and Go Kindy to Kindy Korner, My Kindy simply couldn’t stand out from the crowd and it wasn’t just legitimate families not being able to find them online, they also had a problem with mistaken identity from negative reviews meant for other Early Learning centres to people calling the wrong telephone number that they’d found online.

Human Pixel was introduced to My Kindy and as soon as we heard about the problem, we were excited. This was an opportunity to rebuild a companies branding from scratch, and not just any start-up, but a company with a really well respected name with literally thousands of happy families, and quite a few children who have now grown up and as Adults send their own children to one the centres. This was a great project to get our creative juices flowing.

We worked alongside the Managing Director and the Centre Directors to develop a Go to Market strategy, along with research backing us every step of the way and after offering a selection of names to the panel, we settled on “Imagine” as the main descriptor. Imagine if, Imagine that, played nicely with the theme.

So the brand, Imagine Early Learning & Childcare was born. We wanted to ensure that we had some great keywords in the brand itself to help on Google in a REALLY competitive industry, but also so they didn’t get lost in the crowd again either. We also accompanied the brand with a logo type of a dandelion seed floating in the air which ties back into much of the marketing for the business. We delivered a full Style Guide with several different versions for use in email, on web and in single colour versions for embroidery on shirts and signage on frontages of the individual centres.

Imagine Early Learning & Childcare

We then engaged some professional photography, videography and an Early Learning consultant. Kate from Empowered Early Childhood Consulting had met our Global Head of Projects, Adam Winchester, when they were on a speaking panel together.

Working together as a team, we produced the content, images and videos for the website build which was already well underway

Imagine Early Learning & Childcare

The website project included 7 separately managed website builds – One for each one of the centre locations which can be managed independently of the main website and a main website which sported some pretty awesome features like a Geo-location showing the nearest centre to the site visitor and a centre search showing the current driving distance, Book a Tour and Enrol Now workflow processes and independently Search Engine Optimised sites allowing each one of the centres to take advantage of the uniqueness of their local market.

We also set up 7 separate facebook pages which allow families at each centre to see and interact about only information which applies to them and is relevant. In addition to this, we optimised the Google My Business Listings, and Instagram along with Youtube.

Finally, we conducted a training session with the whole team so everyone was onboard and understood how to maintain and grow the strength of the new brand.

We’re very excited about helping Imagine Early Learning & Childcare to grow and prosper over the many years we hope to be associated with such a great company and the new lease on life that the business has now with the new brand is almost tangible when the Directors talk about their plans.

It was so much fun to work with the development of a new brand for a really well established company! Thanks to all of the team at Imagine Early Learning & Childcare.

You can view the finished websites here:



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Imagine Early Learning & Childcare launches their new brand

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