linkfluencer® Launches Jayla for LinkedIn


Human Pixel is proud to announce this week the launch of Jayla, a new system from linkfluencer®, designed to simplify lead generation and management. We’re proud to play our small part in bringing Jayla to life, and we’re excited about what the future holds for the linkfluencer® team. So, what’s it all about?

Who is linkfluencer®?

linkfluencer® is an Australian-based company dedicated to helping people get more from their LinkedIn marketing efforts. The company started back in 2013 as a training and consultancy company, and founder Alex Pirouz had also experienced great success growing his advisory company through LinkedIn. His customers wanted to know how he did it, and it was then he realised there was a system and a gap in the market. linkfluencer® was born, and the LinkedIn strategy was packaged and sold to a couple thousand customers.

They quickly found that even with all the advice and guidance they offered, businesses found LinkedIn marketing too labour intensive and wanted to outsource the work – which linkfluencer® took on and provided as a service. Ultimately, customers began generating plenty of leads but couldn’t handle the management of those leads. This is where the idea of Jayla was born.

Their vision is to provide the premier LinkedIn web tool for generating leads and managing sales all over the world. For linkfluencer®, it’s all about building tools that deliver a high ROI for their customers, and making it easy for them to achieve results without investing hours of unnecessary time into finding and connecting with the right type of leads.

What is Jayla for LinkedIn?

Jayla is a powerful web tool designed to help businesses connect with the right leads through the popular networking platform, LinkedIn. What’s impressive though, is there are several parts to Jayla.

Firstly, there’s the strategy. Users have access to a unique training program that help you plan your marketing strategy. Customers will also be invited to quarterly masterclasses, so when you sign up to Jayla, you’re certainly not forgotten about. This keeps users up to speed with any changes or developments with LinkedIn.

Then there’s the management of all your leads. Jayla helps by setting automated reminders to follow up leads, and you don’t need to worry about time-consuming spreadsheets or exporting to another CRM. That’s because Jayla works as an inbuilt LinkedIn CRM. You’ll be able to manage your deal flow and sales pipeline with ease, and even search for prospects based on a number of different factors.

Finally, there’s perhaps the most crucial aspect – the reporting. This is where you really keep on top of all your campaigns, find areas for improvement and get the perfect snapshot of your sales and marketing activities. When it comes to understanding your ROI, Jayla’s reporting makes it easy.

Who uses Jayla?

All types of businesses can benefit from Jayla. The system is not just a web tool, but users also have access to a training program to help build your strategy from day one. LinkedIn has long been known as a great place for business people and entrepreneurs to connect, but it’s sometimes difficult to find the right connections. Jayla aims to solve that problem, so it’s a great service for anybody who wants to generate more leads, and higher quality leads. Importantly, it also helps to manage those leads to stop sales from falling through the cracks. Generally, everybody from SMEs to enterprises can benefit greatly from Jayla, and there are packages to suit everybody.

Want to give Jayla for LinkedIn a try?

You can easily join up for a monthly subscription, or save 30% by choosing yearly billing. You can access a free trial of Jayla now, and try it out for yourself. Simply click here and see what Jayla can do for you!

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linkfluencer® Launches Jayla for LinkedIn

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