Software Improvement Planning for Next Financial Year

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Most companies around Australia reset their budgets each financial year. For many, that also means the time is right to start planning for next financial year. It all starts with determining your business goals. So, if you haven’t started already, May is a great time to look towards the future.

What does business look like for your next financial year? Is it all about recovery from Covid-19, or rather about expansion and growth? Whatever your goals, it’s time to align them to some tangible software improvements to help you get there.

New budget, more business improvements

What’s been bugging you for the last 12 months? Is it ineffective business processes you’d like to automate? Does your website need a complete overhaul? Are you frustrated by the effort you’re putting into sales for poor results? Usually, the answer is business improvement through technology.

With a new budget comes an opportunity to correct some of the issues you’ve been facing up until now. In May, start thinking about priorities, because now is the time to start planning software improvement.

Website development

Website development is always a big-ticket item when planning your business growth for a new financial year. Without a quality website, great SEO and an effective customer experience, it’s hard to go to the next level.

Start planning now, by thinking about all the things your website could do better. Is it all about getting more leads, converting more leads into sales, or both? Your goals will certainly determine how to best invest in website redevelopment.

Custom software improvement

Is your business one of the many that uses a range of manual processes? Maybe mundane, repetitive admin tasks take up too much of your time. That can all be improved with custom software. Furthermore, building an internal system that makes processes run smoother is the best way to increase efficiency on a daily basis.

Sales automation and CRMs

For most businesses, growth comes through sales. Sure, there’s a lot of stuff that happens behind the scenes, but if you can’t generate more leads and convert more sales, it’s hard to improve your overall revenue and performance. One solution is implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

With software integrated into your daily operations, you can give your sales team the tools it needs to succeed. From sales automation to customer support management, CRMs make it easy to reach and exceed your new financial year sales targets.

Software improvement through Integrations

One of the biggest problems facing existing businesses is inefficiency. Using multiple systems and software often results in re-work, time-consuming data checking and other tasks that lower productivity.

The new financial year presents an opportunity to get all of your systems in sync. Using integration, you can make all of your systems talk to each other properly. Whether you choose to replace your current systems is up to you. But at the very least, API integration is a great way to ensure your resources talk to each other seamlessly.

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Software Improvement Planning for Next Financial Year

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