What Do You Need for Sustained Business Growth?

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Business growth. It’s that one thing all business owners strive for, but not everybody achieves. If you want to grow your business, there’s a lot of things you can do. Marketing is the main one. The other thing people often forget is process optimisation. If you can achieve better results and more efficiency with the staff you already have, that in itself is a form of business growth.

However, what we’re talking about today is sustained growth. Let’s say you’ve done some quality marketing, you’ve got more leads coming in, but what’s next? Here’s some of the supports you’ll need if you want to continue on your upwards trend.

Process automation

A crucial element when taking your business to the next level is process automation. This means finding all of those mundane, repetitive tasks that waste your staff members’ time, and automating them. It might be data entry, recording leads, even responding to generic emails.

Once you identify those tasks that a machine could do more efficiently and more accurately, you free up your staff to work on building the business.

Scalable custom software for business growth

As your business starts growing, you’ll find a lot of your manual processes don’t work anymore. It’s time to invest in custom software. By custom software, we mean an operating system that everyone in your business can use regardless of their role. The software is designed uniquely for your business, but they key is making it scalable.

This means that the software can grow as you do. For example, it can support more users, more storage can be added, and processes can be tweaked easily.

A website that works for you

In business, a website can be a powerful sales tool. Depending on the nature of your business, your website goals will be different. In eCommerce, naturally you want it to convert leads into sales and work automatically. For B2B companies, the website might be more about providing valuable information and gathering customer information for future marketing.

Whatever business you’re in, work with a custom web developer to define your goals. That way, you’ll have a site that actually works for you, like an extension of your sales team.

Customer relationship management software

A customer relationship management tool, or CRM, helps you manage sales processes better. Everything from customised workflows, lead identification, marketing tasks and sales automation is possible. It also keeps all of your customer records in one place, making it easily accessible to your staff and ultimately improving customer service. This is critical as your business grows, because if you don’t manage your customers properly, you’ve wasted time generating new leads.

An agile planning methodology for business growth

Finally, as you grow and evolve, you need an agile business planning methodology. That means being able to regularly reassess where you’re going, how you’re performing, and what can be done to improve. The goals you had on day one of the business are likely to change as you grow, so your business planning needs to evolve with it.

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What Do You Need for Sustained Business Growth?

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