The Process of Working with a Zoho Consultant in Australia

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When you contact Human Pixel for Zoho One implementation or customisation assistance, the first step is always a thorough consultation. This is where we get a picture of your major issues and what might be required to solve them. Following our initial consultation, though, the process could go two ways.

First, the solution is extremely clear, and we follow a streamlined process. Secondly, you need a little more assistance identifying your needs. The result is always the same – a customised, purpose-built business solution that solves your major pain points.

Here’s how working with an experienced Zoho Consultant in Australia looks.

The first option – you know exactly what you need

After an extensive consultation, it will become clear whether you already know exactly what you need or if you’ve got business process issues and need us to assist with a range of solutions. If you do have a very clear idea of what you need, for example, integrating Zoho Books with Zoho CRM, the process is considerably faster. But we won’t just jump into the work without a clear attack plan.

Project kickoff meeting

We’ll host a meeting to kick the project off, and this is primarily where you will be introduced to the project team. We’ll also better understand your needs, and, importantly, begin breaking jobs into priority levels. This ensures we have a clear way forward and understand your biggest priorities.

Task clarifications

After the project kickoff meeting, our development team has a much better idea of your priorities. From this point, we’ll clarify exactly what we hope to achieve with each outcome. This is where we will set some standards, for example, we should all be able to identify what business pain points are being solved with each task.

At this stage, we put together a strategy for project completion, and then we get to work.

Showcase of works

Depending on the scope of the project and how many development phases are required, we may involve you during development, particularly for testing purposes and to ensure you’re happy with the direction. In the case of multiple development phases, we’ll seek your feedback at each step while we move on to the next phase. This ensures work doesn’t stall while testing and feedback is considered.

Zoho One help desk activation

Finally, once the work is completed, tested and working correctly, we’ll proceed to Help Desk activation. We transfer all your project and systems knowledge to our Help Desk team at this stage. This crucial step ensures our support team has all of the necessary information to action your requests for 2nd Level support (if your admin users can’t solve an issue themselves).

This all sounds pretty straightforward, but what if you don’t actually know which apps or systems you need? So, let’s go back to the start and take a different path.

The second option – you need help with business solutions

In many cases, you may not know what types of software you need. You’ll likely have some business pain points to solve, such as leads and sales falling through the cracks or too much time being spent on mundane admin tasks. If this is the case, our experts work with you to customise solutions to your more pressing issues.

Business process optimisation

Following our initial discussion, if it becomes apparent that you need customised solutions, our first step is a process discovery workshop. Some people call this process mapping or something similar, but essentially, it’s our opportunity to meet with you and your staff to determine the best process automation opportunities.

This half-day workshop lets us identify your most serious business process issues to determine a list of priorities. You may decide you only want to fix two major process issues, or you could identify a number of broken processes. This information helps us move towards the next step.

Zoho One configuration

The collaboration continues once we identify and agree upon some business processes to repair. Depending on the job’s size, we could hold discussions with you over a number of weeks. This consultation period allows us to identify the best solutions for your issues. It’s here that we look to deliver the best value for money. For example, can 2 or 3 pain points be solved by creating or customising one Zoho app?

This phase could also be considered the planning stage, as we will map out a development strategy to ensure all of your needs are met.

Zoho One Development

The project scope, deadlines, tasks and solutions are all clearly outlined before development starts. So, with all the planning in place, it’s time to move on to development. The development stage can be quick or lengthy, depending on the completed work. However, we will typically break it up for larger jobs into smaller development phases.

This is where our developers will be customising systems, building automations and workflows, and creating any custom software required. In the event of multiple development phases, you’ll be involved with testing or providing feedback on each phase while our developers quickly move to the next phase. Any issues or bugs identified during testing will be resolved at that time.


Once all of the development is complete and your systems are ready to go live, it’s time to commence the administrative side of things. As your new Zoho business solutions are delivered, we’ll work with you to onboard all staff members and create the necessary accesses.

Don’t worry, we don’t just leave you high and dry with a new system. The next phase addresses any training needs to ensure you get the most out of your software.

Admin training

We’ll ask you to identify your Zoho One admin users who will effectively manage the system going forward. Admin users are responsible for minor issues such as access and password resets, so they need a good understanding of the system. They will also be able to assist your regular users with queries along the way but don’t worry, they’re not expected to be Zoho experts straight away.

Zoho One user training

With your admin users fully trained, our Zoho consultants will roll out a structured training program for all of your staff members. This is a user-defined process, meaning we won’t teach all of your staff everything about the system. They’ll be shown how to use Zoho One and associated apps to perform their role. Most importantly, all of your staff members will be able to clearly see how the new software improves business processes and makes their day easier.

Helpdesk activation

Finally, we have the Help Desk activation phase. This is where a complete knowledge transfer occurs, helping our help desk staff better understand your business and the systems you’re using. If your admin users encounter complex issues they can’t fix, they can always escalate to us for Level 2 support. That’s exactly what our Help Desk is there for.

If you’d like to know more about working with a Zoho Consultant in Australia, or even if you have other software development or customisation needs, we’d be happy to have a chat. Contact us to start the conversation today.

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The Process of Working with a Zoho Consultant in Australia

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